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The Sober Truth on Underage Drinking (STOP) federal grant, sponsored by The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, was received by the Communities That Care Prevention Coalition of Centre County in 2009 in an effort to prevent alcohol use among underage youth in Centre County. The STOP Act program was initially created to strengthen the collaboration among the federal, state, local and tribal governments and communities to more effectively reduce alcohol use among youth. This mission includes disseminating timely information to communities about state-of-the-art practices and initiatives that are proven to be effective in preventing and reducing alcohol use among youth. The STOP Act program enhances, not supplants, effective local community initiatives for preventing and reducing alcohol use among youth. �


Aftering receiving the STOP Act Grant, the Coalition added a community-wide social norms marketing campaign to its current work. While members are well aware of the need to change community norms and have offered some education to community members through the media, there has not been capacity to undertake the level of activity needed to create an environmental level change. Through the grant, the Coalition initiated comprehensive normative message campaigns which targeted areas which had not previously been addressed under our current DFC grant, including: social hosting, Zero Tolerance, the impact of criminal offenses on career options, and alcohol poisoning. Likewise, proposed efforts to advocate for increased penalties for underage alcohol use represent a new endeavor not before addressed previously.

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The Law

For many, getting a driver's license is one of the highlights of being a teenager. It means that you are growing up, and accepting new responsibilities. Underage drinking will affect these privileges, whether you are driving or not.


If you are convicted of:

  • Lying about your age to obtain alcohol or
  • Purchasing, consuming, possessing, or transporting alcohol or
  • Carrying a false identification card.

You may have you driving privilege suspended for a minimum of 90 days and face fines. If you are under 16, this suspension begins on your 16th birthday.

Pennsylvania's new Zero Tolerance Law makes it illegal for a minor (anyone under the age of 21) to drive with any measurable amount of alcohol in their blood. A minor can be charged with a DUI (Driving under the Influence) with a BAC of .02%. What does that mean? It could mean as little as a sip of beer. DUI charges may include jail time, fines, attendance at Alcohol Highway Safety School, treatment for a drug and/or alcohol problem and increased insurance costs. Is it worth it??? Want to hear? (wav 82kb) ////webmaster notes this link is not valid/////

Another legal deterrent is your school's policy towards alcohol and drug possession. It is generally against school policy to possess alcohol or drugs (including tobacco) on school property or at any school function. This can result in suspension and referral to a drug & alcohol treatment facility for evaluation.


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